I spent last night tossing and turning wondering what to do. It was our last night at the resort and while things had been okay, I knew they would only be worse again once we got back to Istanbul.

An eventful update and a lot of thinking to do for this nanny slave

I am still considering wether or not I take the job, it does have some good parts, like travel, occasionally staying in luxurious places and the boat when I finally get on it. I still have not been able to have a conversation with the mother about what their plans are and wether or not they would be willing to give me a pay rise if I did want to stay.

Confessions of a nanny slave (so far)

After travelling some 6 or 7 hours being picked up by a man holding my name at the airport seemed like a rather large novelty to a humble traveler like myself. I had never experienced such a luxury before. Tired but bubbly and full of high hopes we chat through google translate while he manages to weave the car through Turkish rush hour traffic.