The good, the bad and the beautiful.


I got out of my funk the very next day after a good old fashioned gossip to one of my besties in New Zealand the night before. I was up and ready for school and was greeted with a warm welcome when we arrived in the class we started in many weeks ago. We managed to teach them all about verbs and maybe, hopefully, a few understood what we were actually talking about. In the afternoon we decorated the main dining area with some new artwork and sewed up some more holy and ripped clothes (bring on the Christmas donations!)

Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down.

For the first time in a few weeks we have spent the whole week at the orphanage. And my gosh I was glad to go out for a beer on Sunday night…  It has been a busy week that’s left me feeling a little jaded this Monday morning.

Monkeys and Motorbikes.

Wow what another interesting week it has been!

After teaching the kids at school old McDonald on Monday,we hadn’t got very far on their education, and on Tuesday Katrina wasn’t feeling well and our other new volunteer had a meeting so it was just Hannah and I that went, and as soon as we got there we made an excuse to leave early. The teacher, normally nice and bubbly was in the most foul mood.  She was nice enough to us, but almost every kid in the class got canned in the hand at one stage, for no reason other than perhaps their work wasn’t perfect. It was a horrible and scary atmosphere.  As well as caning them she would yell in their face, smack them on the head with their book and then throw their book on the floor. Even I was scared and I wasn’t at any risk of getting caned or hit.

Moving mountains


So today we tackled the mountain! All 525 metres of it. We woke up at  6.30, had some breakfast and were off as soon as our local guide arrived.  It took us an hour and a half to get up, which was quick, even with the amount of times I had to stop because I felt like  I was going to throw up. Eventually I did. But I felt much better for it afterwards. My god I am so unfit now!


Getting to know Ghana

Thank goodness I have recovered from my tummy issues after feeling queezy a couple of days, I blame the malaria tablets and myself, for not drinking enough water with it.

First week in Ghana

Things have been very interesting and a little scary here lately. There are two other volunteers in the house with us, Markus and Anna, both from Germany. Markus has become ill with malaria, as well as the youngest child in the orphanage Enam.

Welcome to Africa

After all the stress of receiving my passport hours before I was due to fly out, I turned up with the expectation and horrible feeling that something else was going to go wrong. Check in was fine, and it wasn’t until the plane left the tar mat that that feeling melted away. It was a short flight to London, followed by a two hour stop in Heathrow airport. Then a seven hour flight to Accra.

Falling in love with all things French.

I feel a bit sad that he had left but quickly realise I now have the whole of this tiny, little, cute place all to myself, the luxury! I continue to half ass search for jobs, shop at the market, read books, sleep in and go to the beach. The yachting jobs are becoming harder to find as the season draws to and end, and the thought of going back to work 17 hours a day makes me wither a little inside, I’m just not sure i can do it. The next thing I know I have almost been there two weeks, and I still don’t have a job.

Finally on a boat!


I got out of crazy turkey town place as fast as I could. I barely even said goodbye to the kids, although the grandma did make a big deal of me leaving, she looked way to happy. I gave the nanny a big hug and said “I’ll see you soon” into her ear, she grinned, we both know it won’t be long til she’s gone too. I hop in the car and find it hard to contain my happiness as I bid adios to the past. That morning the grandma had slapped the youngest girl in the face because she drank out of an open bottle of water. It was horrible, the girl was screaming and crying and it was all inflicted by the person she loved. No wonder the kids use so much violence, it was used on them too much.

It’s goodbye and thank goodness

I woke up this morning a wee bit happier knowing my time here was short lived. I didn’t bother getting up to early as I certainly wasn’t trying to impress anyone anymore.