Traveling the world with Ainsley

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Some brutal advice for the Tindering male.

Tinder photos reflect you. It’s a snippet of your life that you are presenting to your future perspective wife/ partner/ girlfriend/ sex friend/ one night stand, and you only have a few mere seconds to stand out before she swipes left and continues flicking through the thousands of faces that fill the widely popular dating app. Here are some tips from an experienced tinder user, fussy single girl and professional photographer to help you win at the tinder game.

Post Paris attacks

Images of love and heartbreak

Je suis pas Paris, Je suis Paix.

-“I am not Paris, I am peace”

This morning we face the aftermaths of last night’s terrifying attacks.

I woke up wondering if it had all been some horrible dream, that I wasn’t sitting by self drinking wine at 4am, talking to the press.

But unfortunately, it was all real.

Paris and Paperwork

I found a new place!

The final straw was the broken washing machine… When I found out they couldn’t fix it for another couple of months I gave in my notice and started looking for a new place ASAP.

Je suis amoureux

Je suis amoureux- I’m in love.

Not with anyone in particular… just quite literally IN love. Surrounded by love -loving this city, loving meeting new and amazing people, loving where I am at.

© Ainsley DS Photography

Ainsley about Romania

I still had some time left in Paris before I was due to start my new nanny job working afternoons. All my friends were away and I was bored, lonely, and missing adventure. More than anything, I wanted to be on, in or by the sea, soaking up the last few rays of summer and spending all day lounging at the beach while the sun was still out.

I tempted my addiction by looking on Skyscanner to see where I could afford to go anywhere. At first Cinque Terre stuck out, but after a quick look at the very limited and expensive accommodation options during high season I gave up on the idea of exploring the Italian coast and went back to my search.

How to do Romania

Romania is a culturally rich country that has a surprising amount of activities to offer to tourists, and a table-full of delicious local cuisine and must try dishes. I was blown away at how clean and green it was, and safe I felt while traveling there on my own. If your thinking of taking a visit, or simply need some inspiration for your next travel destination take a look at this brief list of what to do, where to stay and where to eat. Otherwise, for a more detailed description of my trip click here.

Why I would still visit Tunisia.

For those who aren’t quite up to scratch on their geography, Tunisia is a small country in North Africa squeezed in between Algeria and Libya. It’s an incredibly vibrant country, with a diverse range of French, Italian, Arabic and African cultural heritage, and a landscape which stretches along the coast of the Mediterranean down to the Sahara dessert. I was lucky enough to spend a year living there as a student in 2007, and completely fell in love with the country and its people.

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall- Winter 2015/16 Haute Couture show.

Jean Paul Gaultier paid homage to Bretagne this couture week by bringing back the stripes. His show was packed with French celebrities, billionaires a couple of international actresses, singers and even the princess of Thailand.

As expected by fans of JPG, the ensembles were a little more outrageous and attendees weren’t afraid to let their avant-garde wardrobe out.