Chanel Haute Couture Autumn-Winter 2016-17

Images from Paris Fashion Week Couture Autumn-Winter 2016-17 – Chanel

There is just something about Chanel… Today’s Haute Couture show invited a beautiful collection of elegant and sophisticated people with incredible outfits to match. And the shoes! OMG….

Big named celebs like Will & Willow Smith, Jessica Chastain, Caroline de Maigret and Mila Jovovich attended next to an army of Chanel clad billionaires and buyers from all over the world. The entrance is a show in itself! See if you can guess who my favorite attendee was…

Dior Haute Couture Autumn-Winter 2016-17 Show

Paris Fashion Week Couture Autumn- Winter 2016-17 – Dior show

So many sparkles of diamonds and precious jewels graced the entrance to the Dior Avenue Montaigne doors today. Elegant fashionistas from all over the world attended the Autumn-Winter 2016-17 couture show at the designers main headquarters in Paris. Some of the elite celebrities included; Celine Dion, Olivia Palermo, Marion Cotillard and Johnny Hallyday. Take a look at some of the stunning ensembles below.

Your first time in Paris.

Everyone remembers their first time. But if you don’t know what you’re doing it can be an awkward and unpleasant experience which may leave you feeling less than satisfied.

Luckily, there are plenty of people who have gone before you and have blazed the path for the best possible experience. Paris has a lot to offer, it can be a little daunting if you don’t know where to start. I get a lot of requests for advice from friends coming to the city of light for the first time, so I have compiled a few pointers.

Front Row Only- Chanel Fall/Winter 2017

Paris Fashion Week Pret- a- porter Fall/Winter 2017 Chanel Show.

After sipping margaritas in the sun for 10 days I arrived back in Paris just in time to catch the end of Paris Fashion Week and one of my favorite fashion shows.

Chanel’s Fall/ Winter 2017 prêt-à-porter drew the usual classy crowd, along with a few wildcards and more risqué ensembles.

Tweed seemed to be all the rage in coats this season and there was no shortage of the classic Chanel lambskin flap bag.

Check out my favorite looks here.

Swooning with the Sinfonietta Paris Chamber Orchestra.

I was so happy  to receive an invitation to the Sinfonietta Paris Chamber Orchestra night of cocktails on conversations last weekend. Although I don’t know much about classical music every time I hear it being played it moves me in the most peculiar way. It had been some time since I last saw a violinist play Bach at the beautiful Saint Chapelle church and my thirst for beautiful live music was growing stronger.

How a chance encounter with silver haired lady changed my life.

When I was 14, I came out of our local grocery store with my mum to find a sweet silver haired lady sitting out the front selling raffle tickets. We stopped to have a look at what she was supporting, and got chatting. Her name was Nina, and she was from an intercultural (or student exchange) program called AFS.

Little did I know it at the time, but Nina was the lady that was about to change my life, in the most unimaginable and wonderful way.

Chocolate workshops at Edwart Chocolatier 

Need ideas for Valentines day in Paris? Or simply a chocolate lover? The girls have got you covered.

Check out this great write up of our delectable chocolate making experience by The Seventy Fifth x

Source: Chocolate workshops at Edwart Chocolatier 


The poor Bobo- A survival guide to Paris.


  1. A person having both the values of the counterculture of the 1960s and the materialism of the 1980s; a bourgeois Bohemian.

Combining the free-spirited, artistic rebelliousness of the bohemian beatnik or hippie with the worldly ambitions of their bourgeois corporate forefathers, the Bobo is a comfortable contortion of caring capitalism. ‘It’s not about making money,’ writes Brooks, ‘it’s about doing something you love. Life should be an extended hobby. It’s all about working for a company as cool as you are.’”- The Guardian


Traveling the world with Ainsley

Thank you Niki for the great write up!

Some brutal advice for the Tindering male.

Tinder photos reflect you. It’s a snippet of your life that you are presenting to your future perspective wife/ partner/ girlfriend/ sex friend/ one night stand, and you only have a few mere seconds to stand out before she swipes left and continues flicking through the thousands of faces that fill the widely popular dating app. Here are some tips from an experienced tinder user, fussy single girl and professional photographer to help you win at the tinder game.