The most photogenic locations in Paris.

It’s no secret that the city of enlightenment is also one of the most beautiful and photogenic cities in the world. As a photographer specializing in tourist portraits, I have gotten to know a few very special parts of Paris that have become my “go-to’s” when scouting for locations, and I thought I would share a few of those with you here. Keep in mind, that even though these are pretty popular photoshoot destinations, each finished image can look incredibly different depending on who’s behind (and in front) of the camera, the time of day, and the temperamental Parisian weather. So don’t think for a minute that your photos will look the same as everyone else’s! Here are a few of the best locations for photo-shoots in Paris.


1) Trocadero

By far the most popular destination for photo shoots in Paris. The large platform of Trocadero offers a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower. Looking east, it’s the perfect spot of sunrise shoots. Sunrise is also the best time to beat the crowds as Trocadero fills up very quickly (especially in the winter when the sun rises later).


portrait at Trocadero. Portraits in Paris by Ainsley DS Photography

2) The Louvre

The contrasting exterior architecture of the Louvre is one that leaves your jaw hanging the first time you see it. The grandeur of this building is perfect for both dramatic wide shots and intimate portraits among the building’s nooks and crannies. Again, a little after sunrise is the best time to work here if you want images without other people in them.


A couple in the Louvre. Portraits in Paris by Ainsley DS Photography

3) Jardin des Tuileries

The huge garden located between the Louvre and Place de la Concorde is not only a beautiful park to walk around in, it’s the perfect place to take pictures among flowers, trees and even outdoor cafés. Its vast size gives it plenty of variety in shots, and it’s proximity to the Louvre means you can combine these two locations in one shoot.



4) Palais Royal

Also in close proximity to the Louvre, the screened entrance court-yard of Palais Royal is normally quite well hidden from Tourists, leaving mainly locals walking their dogs and people fashionistas into the chic Cafe Kitsune for matcha lattes. Palais Royal is great for photo-shoots as it combines beautiful flora with interesting architecture and the art installation of black and white columns known as the Colonnes de Buren.


Palais Royal. Portraits in Paris by Ainsley DS Photography

5) Champ de Mars

The field at the base of the Eiffel Tower is photogenic for some pretty obvious reasons. Being here allows you to get up close and personal with our iron lady, and offers bountiful flora for beautiful pictures, especially in the summer and spring when flowers are in full bloom. If you’re lucky you might even catch the cherry blossoms blooming!


Champ De Mars. Portraits in Paris by Ainsley DS Photography

6) Bir Hakeim

This is one of my favourite places to shoot in Paris, mainly because of the immense variety of images you can capture in one session. Want the Eiffel Tower in the background? Got it. Want some cool and interesting architecture? Got it. Want some greenery? A view of the seine? Done! Sunrise and sunset both work at this location well. Just like all other popular spots you sometimes have to work with having other people around, especially later in the day.


Pont Bir Hakeim. Portraits in Paris by Ainsley DS Photography

7) Montmarte

Located on a hill overlooking Paris. Montmarte is the old artist area which harbours an old village type feel with its architecture and cobblestone pathways. It’s also home to the stunning Sacre Coeur Cathedral, and an impressive view overlooking the whole city. Photo-shoots here can be a little edgier and bohemian with plenty of cute cafés, colourful buildings and breathtaking vantage points. Note, It’s best not to wear high heels if you plan on shooting here!


Montmarte. Portraits in Paris by Ainsley DS Photography

8) Cafés

For that classic chic Parisian image, most cafés have no problem with you using their terrace to snap a few images of you enjoying a chocolat chaud and a croissant. These images end up looking very fun, relaxed and very French!


Cafe. Portraits in Paris by Ainsley DS Photography

9) 10th Arrondissement.

Think street art, colourful buildings, a bustling atmosphere and the cute canal from the film Amelie and you have a few of the best things about the 10th arrondissement of Paris. A great place for cool and edgy shoots, and to show a little bit of the “real Paris”, the tenth has a great number of photo-shoot locations just waiting to be discovered.


10th Arrondissment. Portraits in Paris by Ainsley DS Photography

10) Your hotel room

Haussmann buildings, white linen beds, and balconies. Parisian hotel rooms can be some of the most romantic and photogenic places in the city. Whether your after intimate boudoir style shots or more casual couple photos, sometimes you don’t even need to leave your hotel room to get the most beautiful images.


Hotel room. Portraits in Paris by Ainsley DS Photography

11) Pont Alexandre III

This ornate bridge over the Seine river with a view of the Eiffel tower is the location of many fashion and bridal shoots. The art-deco style of the bridge itself is enough to produce some interesting images, but combine this with the Eiffel tower background and easy access to the river below and you have the perfect spot for a quick shoot.


Pont Alexandre. Portraits in Paris by Ainsley DS Photography

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