Hotel Villa Dubrovnik, Croatia

When 2 nights at the sublime Hotel Villa Dubrovnik was simply not enough…

While on a road trip with a friend through Croatia, we stumbled across the stunning Villa Dubrovnik online and were fortunate to find a room left during the end of a busy tourist season in September.

Our plan was to initially stay two nights here and then move on to another part of Croatia, but we arrived and were utterly blown away, especially when we received a room upgrade.

Two nights turned into three, then four, and then it was five days before we forced ourselves to leave this sublime five-star hotel. If I can recommend somewhere you MUST stay while travelling in Croatia, this would be it. Just be warned, you may never want to leave…

Villa Dubrovnik is a modern boutique hotel built into the cliffs of the crystal clear Adriatic sea, minutes from Dubrovnik’s’ fortified central old town. Its discreet entrance off the main road hides any evidence of what lies below, with a sole silver door and small sign it would be easy to miss if you didn’t know what to look for.

As you push a button to open the doors an elevator arrives and takes you down one floor where the mysterious hotel comes into the light. A crisp White reception area with full floor to ceiling views of the deep blue Adriatic sea greet you as you walk in.

The 5-star villa once started as a not-so-humble private residence for VIP guests of the former Yugoslav political elite. During the 80s it opened its doors to the public, remaining a prestigious hideaway for the most discerning clientele. In 2006 the hotel went through a renovation and added its spa which transformed it into an official 5-star boutique resort and re-opened again to the public in 2010. The former villas encompassing vegetation and gardens were entirely preserved and create a calming surrounding of greenery, in contrast to the modern style of the hotel. The villa has 56 residences, all with a view of the sea and a private balcony. Two beautiful seaside restaurants are available day and night, and the villa’s rooftop Prosciutto and wine bar opens in the evening for stunning views of the setting sun over the cities old town.

Hotel Villa Dubrovnik common area.

We were taken into our room after a tour around the property and were pleasantly surprised to find a jacuzzi on the private balcony hanging directly over the sea. The room was large and filled with light as the setting sun poured in. Light wood floors complimented the crisp white linen and glass encased bathroom which could be given more privacy by drawing a large curtain. The bathroom was specifically placed so that the glass wall provided a view over the room and ocean while at either of the twin basins or shower.

A room with a view. Hotel Villa Dubrovnik.


View from the bathroom. Hotel Villa Dubrovnik.


Room with jacuzzi. Hotel Villa Dubrovnik.


After making ourselves a little at home we headed straight up to the Proscuitto Bar and enjoyed a stunning sunset while lounging around on the white linen deck chairs and staff brought a constant supply of complimentary canapés to pair with our cocktails.

Canapés. Hotel Villa Dubrovnik.


Sun setting from the rooftop bar. Hotel Villa Dubrovnik.


We felt lazy after a long drive and decided to order room service and a movie after a long soak in the jacuzzi. Our food came on a rolling white linen table and was placed at the end of our bed enabling to watch a movie on demand while happily nibbling our delicious meals.

The weather for Croatia in September could not have been more perfect. Hot and sunny during the day and cool enough at night to snuggle under the duvet while letting fresh air stream through the open balcony doors. After a perfect sleep in the softest bed, I dreamily woke to the sound of the waves gently crashing outside and the white sheer curtains swaying in the breeze. We decided we weren’t quite ready to face the real world and ordered a large breakfast from the extensive room service menu.

Room service arrived and set our meal up for us on the private balcony. The food was incredible, and the stunning view made it taste even better. Having a private balcony meant there was no need to put clothes on. I slopped lazily straight from bed onto the balcony and enjoyed my incredible eggs Benedict au natural.

Sea side breakfast. Hotel Villa Dubrovnik.


Breakfast with a view. Hotel Villa Dubrovnik.


The next few days drifted by in some sort of luxurious daze. We ate at the stunning seaside Al Fresco Bar Giardino where the fresh Mediterranean food satisfied our need for both healthy and comfort food and drank cocktails at the rooftop Prosciutto bar in the evenings.


Restaurant Pjerin. Hotel Villa Dubrovnik.


Prosciutto roof top bar at sunset. Hotel Villa Dubrovnik.


Lunch at the Al Fresco Bar Giardino. Hotel Villa Dubrovnik.


By far my favourite part of the villa was the stunning white terraces carved into the bottom of the cliff where you could lounge in the sun while the waves gently crashed at your feet, and the staff would bring an endless supply of cocktails. This area also had ladders leading into the crystal clear water below if you fancied a dip in the Adriatic.


Stunning sunbathing spot. Hotel Villa Dubrovnik.


The best relaxation spot. Hotel Villa Dubrovnik.


Enjoying sea side pina colidas. Hotel Villa Dubrovnik.


And If you weren’t game enough for a swim in the ocean, the hotel’s pool area located just above offered a little more space and large canopy beds for sun lounging all day long.

Connected to the pool area is a hidden spa which offers sublime massages and the best (and longest lasting) mani-pedi I have ever received. One massage here was simply not enough…

If you did fancy venturing out of the haven that is Hotel Villa Dubrovnik, the resort has a beautiful Venetian Vaporetto speedboat which offers complimentary transfers back and forth from the old town. And if the weather is not permitting, a chauffeured minivan is also available exclusively for guests use. Otherwise, it’s a short downhill 15-minute walk into the walls of Dubrovnik.


Jetty for the hotels’ luxury private speedboat. Hotel Villa Dubrovnik.


Spending 5 nights at Hotel Villa Dubrovnik was like a mini retreat where the staff made you feel like the most important person on earth, yet the surrounding nature and the serenity of the crashing sea below bought you right back down to it. This is the ultimate getaway for those who want to feel alone with the sea, yet have all the luxuries of a 5-star hotel. It is the perfect combination of luxury and privacy located in among some of the worlds most stunning scenery. I can’t wait to return again one day.



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Eat well, live well, travel well.

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