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Mykonos, Greece. Travel Blogger and Photographer Ainsley About The world

A visual journey through Greece.

Spending a month in Greece was like living in a cloud of blue and white.

The food is amazing; every day we filled up with fresh fish, Greek salads, creamy yoghurt and delicious slouvaki. I made friends for life with a couple of amazing locals who take great pride in their hospitality; and the hundreds of islands in the country could keep me island hopping there forever, which is about how long I wanted to stay there.

How a chance encounter with silver haired lady changed my life.

When I was 14, I came out of our local grocery store with my mum to find a sweet silver haired lady sitting out the front selling raffle tickets. We stopped to have a look at what she was supporting, and got chatting. Her name was Nina, and she was from an intercultural (or student exchange) program called AFS.

Little did I know it at the time, but Nina was the lady that was about to change my life, in the most unimaginable and wonderful way.

Paris and Paperwork

I found a new place!

The final straw was the broken washing machine… When I found out they couldn’t fix it for another couple of months I gave in my notice and started looking for a new place ASAP.

Je suis amoureux

Je suis amoureux- I’m in love.

Not with anyone in particular… just quite literally IN love. Surrounded by love -loving this city, loving meeting new and amazing people, loving where I am at.

© Ainsley DS Photography

Ainsley about Romania

I still had some time left in Paris before I was due to start my new nanny job working afternoons. All my friends were away and I was bored, lonely, and missing adventure. More than anything, I wanted to be on, in or by the sea, soaking up the last few rays of summer and spending all day lounging at the beach while the sun was still out.

I tempted my addiction by looking on Skyscanner to see where I could afford to go anywhere. At first Cinque Terre stuck out, but after a quick look at the very limited and expensive accommodation options during high season I gave up on the idea of exploring the Italian coast and went back to my search.

Solo escape in St Malo.


A friend and I had made plans to return to his home town in Bretagne. A region are on the west coast of France that we had visited last time I was here.

He was going to already there visiting family, so I bought a train ticket on Friday with plans to join him on Monday night. He was going to pick me up from St Malo and we were going to drive around exploring Bretagne for a couple of days and stay in his family’s home in Dinard.

Deja Vu.

They say that some things are better left in the past. But sometimes, it’s nice to go back now again and reminisce.

Too much fun?

I’m feeling incredibly guilty….

I can probably count on my hand the amount of time I have spoken French this week. I have been so, so bad. It makes me feel totally unproductive and like I am wasting my time here. It’s so easy to spend time with English speaking people, the thought of having to use my brain so much with my French friends becomes a bit of a daunting task.

The food, the food.


Sometimes the universe just answers your prayers.

Or perhaps I should say your emails…

“The Mom-Bob”

A hairdressers parting words of advice should never be, “don’t worry, it will grow”.