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Bari on a Budget

I very randomly booked flights to Bari after having months of Italy cravings and coming to the realization that 2 years was far too long since my last trip (tip: it’s always too long since your last trip to Italy).

The poor Bobo- A survival guide to Paris.


  1. A person having both the values of the counterculture of the 1960s and the materialism of the 1980s; a bourgeois Bohemian.

Combining the free-spirited, artistic rebelliousness of the bohemian beatnik or hippie with the worldly ambitions of their bourgeois corporate forefathers, the Bobo is a comfortable contortion of caring capitalism. ‘It’s not about making money,’ writes Brooks, ‘it’s about doing something you love. Life should be an extended hobby. It’s all about working for a company as cool as you are.’”- The Guardian


How to do Romania

Romania is a culturally rich country that has a surprising amount of activities to offer to tourists, and a table-full of delicious local cuisine and must try dishes. I was blown away at how clean and green it was, and safe I felt while traveling there on my own. If your thinking of taking a visit, or simply need some inspiration for your next travel destination take a look at this brief list of what to do, where to stay and where to eat. Otherwise, for a more detailed description of my trip click here.