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Re-entering the “real world”

Arriving back at the orphanage was like arriving to a hero’s welcome. After an entire day of travelling, tros, sitting, sweating and breathing dust, nothing made me happier than hearing the kids yell “AINSLEY IS COMING!!!”, from 100metres down the drive way and watching them sprint towards me at full speed.

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye…

I have been in a bad mood for days. Ever since that last day at school…my patience is gone, I feel exhausted all the time, I’m confused as to how I feel about leaving Ghana. I just don’t know whats going on and I’m stuck in a terrible funk which has left me feeling not like myself.



Having Katrina here was an absolute blessing, in so many ways.
She was my rock, my excuse to escape from everything. I barely left her side all weekend except to go home and sleep. It was so good to have her back.
The saturday that she came we had a huge party at the lodge next door. We almost relived our wonderful new years eve party all over again. Except this time there was a little more drama…
However! Not wanting to get anyone into trouble, lets just say the couple of weeks following were tough and tense.
It has been so long since my last update, so much has happened its hard to know where to start!

One of those times…


Loneliness is a strange sneaky feeling. It just kind of creeps up on you until its right there in your face and you suddenly realise why you have been feeling down over the little things.

Life is good


Right now as I lay in the hammock in the soft evening sun, listening to Bob Dylan, eating a coconut with the crunching noises only slightly disturbing the music in my ears – I think, life really is a strange thing. Not in a million years would I have imagined myself to be here, a year, or even 2 months ago.

Living in Paradise


I woke up the next morning at 6am and couldn’t properly go back to sleep. So I got up a little after seven and went for a quick swim in the ocean then dried off to have oats and pineapple for breakfast. Then I went for another swim, came back and read my book, went back to the beach and sunbathed, had another swim went back up for rice and veges for lunch, played a card game with Sam and the Germans, then went up to the school with Sam to help him make some Nfanti flash cards.

Goodbye and hello

It was bitter sweet saying goodbye to the kids. In some ways a was a little pissed off with them as they were more concerned about what they were getting from me when I left rather than the fact that I was actually leaving.

Ready to roll

Returning back to the kids after being away for a week was like returning to a heroes welcome. I could see them sprinting up our driveway before I could barely see the orphanage, and they came yelling and screaming and jumping into my arms. I was so happy to be back with them again, I had missed all my little monkeys, and it seemed they were pretty happy to have me back to.

Old chewing gum and little goats

Things settled down after Christmas, but only a little.

Boxing day was spent at the christian missionaries house who had a big playground for the kids and a movie for them to watch. It was fun to watch them just be normal kids for a day. That day we got home and three new baby goats had been born, two black and one brown.

Intrepid travels


Our journey to the north and back was one of epic proportions…

I don’t generally use the word epic to describe many things, thinking about it I could also use the words intrepid, exhausting, and long, but I think epic sums up all those things quite nicely.