Images of Paris in the snow

Paris was almost shut down by 15cm of snow this week. Yes Canadians and Scandinavians, you read that right. 15cm of snow. Though such a rare occurrence it is here that schools, roads and public transport had to be shut down for public safety. Despite the anger of some Parisians at the lack of preparation from the French authorities, most relished in their “snow day”, many not going to work and choosing to take their kids (or colleagues) out for snowball fights instead, making the most of the city’s largest snowfall since 1987.

Luxury camping in the Sahara.


Ever pictured yourself sleeping under the bright twinkling stars in the warmth of the Saharan sands while Berbers play traditional music by the fire? Well at Caravanserai Luxury Desert Camp you can do just that, except with the added luxury of a comfortable double bed, running water and delicious food prepared for you. Welcome to your oasis in the Sahara.

The hidden treasure of Luxor

In the winter of 1922 Howard Carter, probably the most famous archaeologist of all time, working for his wealthy patron, Lord Carnarvon, discovered the tomb of King Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings near Luxor. Egyptology was a global obsession, capturing the imaginations of young and old throughout the western world, and Luxor was the capital of it all. The discovery of this intact tomb was world news and was picked up by the press all over. But where did Carter post his announcement?

Niue- Paradise in the Pacific.

Imagine yourself sitting on the deck of your hotel with a fresh coconut in your hand watching dolphins and whales swim past as you bask in the warm sunshine and a soft breeze bristles the lush greenery surrounding you. You might be imagining yourself in some sort of otherworldly paradise, but this is exactly what Niue has got to offer.

Two magical nights at the Ritz Paris.

“When I dream of afterlife in heaven, the action always takes place in the Paris Ritz,” Hemingway was to say.

Falling in love with Lebanon.

When a friend suggested we meet in Beirut for a couple of days I said yes without hesitation (as I always do) then suddenly realized I didn’t know a lot about the destination itself. So, I did a little research on things to do and places to stay and really went there with no expectations or idea of what it would be like. What I discovered far surpassed any preconceived ideas of Beirut or Lebanon I may have had.

Bari on a Budget

I very randomly booked flights to Bari after having months of Italy cravings and coming to the realization that 2 years was far too long since my last trip (tip: it’s always too long since your last trip to Italy).

Getting to know Ghana.

Lying on what’s known as the Gold Coast of Africa, located between the Ivory Coast and Togo is the enthralling country of Ghana. Hailed as the most developed nation in Western Africa with a growing economy, easy transport and stable democratic government Ghana has become known as “Africa for beginners”.

Mykonos, Greece. Travel Blogger and Photographer Ainsley About The world

A visual journey through Greece.

Spending a month in Greece was like living in a cloud of blue and white.

The food is amazing; every day we filled up with fresh fish, Greek salads, creamy yoghurt and delicious slouvaki. I made friends for life with a couple of amazing locals who take great pride in their hospitality; and the hundreds of islands in the country could keep me island hopping there forever, which is about how long I wanted to stay there.

The most photogenic locations in Paris.

It’s no secret that the city of enlightenment is also one of the most beautiful and photogenic cities in the world. As a photographer specializing in tourist portraits, I have gotten to know a few very special parts of Paris that have become my “go-to’s” when scouting for locations, and I thought I would share a few of those with you here. Keep in mind, that even though these are pretty popular photoshoot destinations, each finished image can look incredibly different depending on who’s behind (and in front) of the camera, the time of day, and the temperamental Parisian weather. So don’t think for a minute that your photos will look the same as everyone else’s! Here are a few of the best locations for photo-shoots in Paris.